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Implementation of the ILO Work in Fishing Convention 2007 (ILO 188) into UK Law

This  affects all commercial fishermen in the UK.  Please make sure you go to the MCA website and read the documents.

There are various implications for owners of different size vessels.  These are now in  place.  MCA have announced they will be policing ILO188 and wearing of PFD’s using surveillance aircraft.  ILO188 requirements include:

  • A requirement to have work agreements between owners and crew, even if they are share fishermen. 
  • A requirement to wear PFD’s or wear harnesses while working on deck, unless you have written Risk Assessments showing they are not needed.
  • A requirement for Medicals
  • There will be restrictions on hours of work
  • There will, in some cases, be  a requirement to leave a list of crew on board for each trip

You will receive more information if you attend the Safety Awareness course, which we recommend you do.  Funding is available, up until 31 March 2020, for experienced fishermen to take it if it is more than 3 years since you have done it.