Seafish Vessel Stability for Experienced Fishermen (Intermediate)- Levington 20 November 2019


This course is a requirement for anyone wishing to get a better understanding of Fishing Vessel stability and who wishes to apply for the Seafish Under 16.5m Skippers ticket  (Restricted). It is also necessary to attend this course prior to attending the Advanced Stability course if you wish to apply for the Unrestricted Under 16.5m Skipper’s Ticket

Funding is available to experienced commercial fishermen who have taken all the mandatory courses, either to take this course for the first time or as a refresher if you previously did the “Intermediate Stability” course which this replaces.

Cost for Non commercial fishermen £120


Next course 20 November 2019

Venue:  East Anglian Sea School, Levington near Ipswich, NR10 0LN

12 Available


Understanding the principles of what makes a boat float, and more importantly what can make it sink!  A model boat is used to demonstrate the effect of moving the centre of gravity of a boat