Seafish Safety Awareness, West Lynn, 8 May 2019


Mandatory course for Commercial Fishermen covering Safety Awareness and how to carry out and record Risk Assessments, New MCA Code of practice for Small fishing vessels

Course now includes information on ILO188

Next Course 8 May 2019, West Lynn Social Club 9:15 am start 



14 Available

One of the Mandatory course requirements for working on a commercial fishing boat.  The course must be taken within the first 2 years of working on a commercial fishing boat, usually after at least months of working at sea.


  1. To remind participants of the dangers associated with fishing.
  2. To stimulate an interest in safety.
  3. To provide practical tips on maintaining and improving safety.
  4. To provide participants with contacts for further information regarding safety.

During the course you will look at options of how to do Risk Assessments and how to record them, including a Safety Folder, both physical and online.

The course will also include information on the new regulations that affect ALL fishermen -ILO188

Online Facility is found at: