Seminars on a wide range of subjects


Courses in Basic Fishing Methods

We can offer a range of courses targeted at those wanting to know more about commercial fishing. We can demonstrate and explain the fishing methods used by UK vessels and those from other countries.
The standard course focuses on :
• Classification of fish capture methods
• The gear used and how it is deployed

• The target species and grounds fished

Optional subjects may include:
• Environmental impact and mitigation options
• Fishing effort targeting and gear selectivity
The courses last a minimum of one day depending on the content required, and are
scheduled locally where possible to fit in with the trainee’s requirements and timetable.

Responsible Fishing Scheme

We can organise local seminars to discuss the merits of this newly launched scheme. We also offer a free visit to come and discuss the scheme with you.

Care of the Catch

We can organise a local course, usually for Fishing Associations, about how to optimise your profit by taking good care of your product.

Quality Assessment of Fish

These courses can be organised for processors or groups of fish and chip shops locally to teach how to assess the quality of fish

You name the Subject, relating to Fish and we will organise a seminar - Contact us if you would like any other specific courses to use the skills and knowledge of Seafish

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